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Case Studies

1. Client owned a building in Mayfair, Central London, which consisted of 4 luxury residential flats, worth 19m. The client required a long term loan to repay existing bridging loan. He was unable to obtain a bank loan due to complicated history and complex lease structure. At Samaria Global – Team used their previous banking credit and client onboarding experience, we reorganised legal structure, cleaned up the lease agreements, this enabled the client to obtain a bank loan at a very cheap rate, providing a successful exit from bridge loan. Our client was extremely happy with the service provided and we continue to work with them on a number of other transactions.

2. An experienced developer was let down by an existing lender mid-way through an ambitious and big development of 65 flats, worth 20m. At Samaria Global, we were able to understand the complexity of the transaction and restructure the project and arrange refinance the existing lender and provide full funding for the completion of the development, without losing valuable time.

3. Samaria Global completed a £9 million first charge loan on a stunning, super prime London townhouse, valued at in excess of £12 million. We worked with foreign national ownership, and complicated offshore trust structure. Client planned to raise capital for an investment into his business in Europe.

4. Completed loan for a residential property in Greater London worth £9.5m for equity release for the borrower, the property belonged to a High Net worth individual and income on books were very low, we structured financing in a way to club income from other sources and businesses.

5. This refinancing of loan against a block of 11 houses in Greater London worth £12m, for equity release for their development project.

6. Completed financing for Buy out of a Kitchen business worth £3m – This was an acquisition by a foreign national of a business in UK, facility was backed by invoice finance, asset finance, and part working capital.

7. Completed financing for Buy out of a printing business worth £3m – facility was completed as a buyout with property and asset financing of debtors ledger. Along with financing we also conducted due diligence on future sustainability of debtors.

8. Trade line and LC (£3m) – a trade line for a commodity import and export business, facility was backed by part guarantee from UKEF (UK Export finance), LC, Credit Insurance, invoice finance and working capital

9. Bridge loan 2.5 m – a refinance bridge loan for a property of GDV worth 4.5m, facility was structured in a way that development finance will roll into as soon as the full planning permission is achieved

10. A refinance of a hotel portfolio In London worth 65m, moving from a tier one bank to an international bank, for an higher loan amount at similar interest rate

11. Property acquisition in Kensington worth £3m, arranged 100% loan for acquisition, using security of another property, restructured income on the new property in such a way that lender felt secured about the mortgage service.

12. A 12 bedroom HMO in Greater London for equity release worth £2.8m

13. Introduced – pre-seed equity capital to a tech start up in UK of £500k

14. Written and submitted successful grant application £900k from European country for a tech start up

15. Introduced – pre-seed equity capital to a tech start up in UK of £250k