samaira global

Debt and capital advisory

Samaria Global Finance is a company that provides advisory services for raising capital and debt for existing projects and/or new to setup or refinance existing facilities, we have access to the most sophisticated and specialized debt packages available in local and international market. We understand full breadth of balance sheet items so we know how to leverage each item of your balance sheet and profit and loss to retain best level of funding at optimum pricing. Team has spent years’ working closely with businesses and providing solutions to their funding needs, it means we understand dynamics of industries and related requirements, we can cover you finance or refinance for

1. Loans for property projects for expansion, construction, acquisitions, infrastructure development for commercial and residential properties

2. Asset Based lending (ABL) by leveraging assets on your personal or business balance sheet such as stock, invoices, plant, machineries, equipment, investments and IPs etc

3. Business loans and Working capital by borrowing against the strength of cashflow and assets of your business,

4. Trade finance and LCs lines to manage your supply chain cashflows

5. Principal, Mezz and bridge loans – borrowing for you niche requirements to meet fine gap between your primary lender/investor and equity contribution

6. Merger and acquisition, spin off, restructure - Aim will be to work out a unique optimum borrowing structure considering your jurisdiction, taxation status and sector. We will leverage strength of each of acquiree and acquiror or brand new entity as a result of restructuring or spin off. We understand commercials of the business and recognise the need of imposing least burden on business, this will be a combination of many products from a direct straight forward loan to working capital, trade, ABL etc.

7. Venture capital, Private equity, Growth or seed capital, High yield bonds, convertible notes – We have connections across family offices, High net worth individuals, businesses, private equity and venture capital firms who come forward to invest in companies and sectors of their interest.