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Property and Real Estate

Real estate financing can be complex and require specific expertise and knowledge. Our team has deep understanding of the real estate market, including regional and local market trends, regulatory environment, and macroeconomic factors that impact the industry. Team has hands on experience on dealing with Commercial and residential property portfolio varying from block of smaller properties to single high value properties.

Whether you are seeking to develop a new property, acquire an existing property, or refinance existing real estate financing arrangements, our team can bring practical solutions within a short time, we will take time out to understand your unique requirement and will be navigate entire process. Our banking experience gives our clients an edge, as we can structure your transaction in a way to be compliant with lender’s lending policy. We retain high goodwill with both local and international lenders as we have gained significant momentum with each one of them through our clientele proposals, we can talk direct to mitigate their risks without wasting time, we can negotiate best bespoke terms for your projects.

We can cover all type of real estate projects –

1. Buy to let – residential or commercial properties ; office, warehouse, HMOs, supported living

2. High Value HNI mortgages – high value properties owned by High Net worth individuals generally will not fit normal affordability and risk criteria, we have executed transactions to source income from other businesses and club that to mitigate risk associated with mortgage affordibility

3. Commercial properties – Care homes, Hotels, shopping malls, wedding venues, hospitals etc.

4. Development Finance – commercial and residential properties, infrastructure projects